Accepted papers

Definition of the IoT device classes based on network traffic flow features
Adaptive Assembly Approach for E-Axles
Aerial Photogrammetry and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) like a smart technology for digital as-built mapping of existing buildings
Automatic Identification Applications for Smart Railway Concept
Development of chosen social and economic indicators of raw materials using in context of sustainability in Slovakia
Identification of the relevant parameters for modeling the ecosystem elements in Industry 4.0.
Digital twin of experimental workplace for quality control with Cloud Platform support
Directions  of development of technological packing systems
Employee suggestion scheme – case study
Evaluation Of the Workplace In Order To Reduce Waste In Material Flow
Hazardous work and destructive elements in the working environment and risk categories in a mining company
Chemical Management in Automotive and Mass Industry
Impact of BIM technology on development of digital and managerial competencies of project managers in construction industry
Innovation the production line in the enterprise with help of module TX Process Simulate
Management of the technological process of obtaining high-quality sand-plaster moulds for thin-walled aluminum castings
Management of time structure with respect of a production process efficiency
Modeling and Management of the Technical and    Technological Potential for the Agriculture Sector
New approaches to construction production layout
Optimizing component production with multi-axis turning technology.
Parameter Identification of Technological Equipment for Ensuring the Reliability of the Vibration Separation Process
Possibilities of application of non-linearity of requirements into individual stages of design for Six Sigma
Possibilities of data analysis using data model
Possibility of identification transport units through RFID technology at own level of the company
Research on the Transition Path of Enterprise’s Green Niche under the Social Entrepreneurship Orientation – A Case Study Based on Taiwan Singtex Industry
RFID Monitoring and Accounting System in Health-care Facilities
Smart, Smarter and Smartest City – the Method to Comparison of Cities
Testing the replenishment model strategy using software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation
The proposal to increase the efficiency of the production process by a software module Tecnomatix Plant Simulation