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1st EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems

November 22–24, 2016 | Bratislava, Slovakia


Bratislava ,the capital city of Slovak Republic, is with its almost half-million inhabitants the political, cultural and economic heart of Slovakia.

Bratislava is the city for everyone. It is strategically located on the Danube river bank, in close proximity of the borders with Hungary and Austria. Lovely historic Old Town is interwoven by cosy, modern and stylish cafes and restaurants. From long-walk lovers, through history-hunters up to party animals, Bratislava undoubtedly proves itself as a cultural crossroad of Central Europe.

If the busy streets of this European cosmopolitan town weary you, Bratislava can also offer a great time at one of its many artificial beaches at the both shores of Danube. Don´t worry if you are not fan of sunny beaches, beautiful parks could be found every here and there, whereas majestic, old and fragrant forests are only few minutes away from the center.

Moreover, there are the Bratislava and Devin castles, Slavín monument, the Blue Church, historical palaces, cathedrals, squares and much more from the city´s landmarks that can entertain you. Together with dozens of cultural institutions and vibrant nightlife, Bratislava will try to charm you everywhere you step.