Accepted papers

Cost Operation Optimization with Binary Integer Linear Programming in a Cosmetic Company; Altamirano, Fredy (Univesidad Politecnica Salesiana); Vallejo-Huanga, Diego (Universidad Politecnica Salesiana)

Concept of Mixed Reality Application Design for Technical Solutions; Knapcikova, Lucia (Technical University of Košice); Trojanowska, Justyna (Poznan University of Technology)

Data Collection with Honeypot Server for Reverse Engineering of Malware Paper Accepted; Cvitic, Ivan  (University of Zagreb); Perisa, Marko (University of Zagreb); Vladava, Josip  (University of Zagreb)

Analizing the efficiency of software distribution systems in AIoT environments; Jevremovic, Aleksandar  (Singidunum University); Kostic, Zona (Harvard University); Veinovic, Mladen  (Singidunum University); Perakovic, Dragan (University of Zagreb)

Sustainable construction: circular materials and their impacts on aspects of construction processes; Smetankova, Jana (Technical University of Kosice); Rucinsky, Rastislav (Technical University of Kosice); Zemanova, Lucia (Technical University of Kosice); Lazor, Gregor  (Technical University of Kosice)

A method with Roulette selection strategy for path planning in UAV-based waste monitoring systems; Dobrilovic, Dalibor (University of Novi Sad); Stojanov, Jelena (University of Novi Sad); Perakovic, Dragan (University of Zagreb); Jotanovic, Gordana (University of East Sarajevo); Jausevac, Goran (University of East Sarajevo)

Project management and indirect operating costs by building information modelling in construction project  in Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia; Mandicak, Tomas (Technical University of Kosice); Behunova, Anna Maria (Technical University of Kosice); Behun, Marcel  (Technical University of Kosice); Mesaros, Peter (Technical University of Kosice)

Survey of Cybersecurity Risks in Online Gambling Industry; Musa, Mario (Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o.); Perakovic, Dragan (University of Zagreb); Cvitic, Ivan (University of Zagreb)

The most important skills of a CIO; Sarcevic, Mijo

Contemporary Approach of Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable Products in the Era of Circular Economy; Knapcikova, Lucia (Technical University of Kosice); Tauberova, Rebeka (Technical University of Kosice); Kascak, Jakub (Technical university of Kosice); Husar, Jozef  (Technical University of Kosice)

Sustainability and Circular Economy through application and processing of recycled materials into Additive Manufacturing; Tauberova, Rebeka (Technical University of Kosice); Knapcikova, Lucia (Technical University of Kosice)

Input-Output Product Model Adapted To Material Flow In Order To Achieve Cleaner Production in Industrial Enterprises; Machka, Matous (Czech Technical University)

Computer software programming based on C language; Yan, Naijian (Yun Nan Economics Trade and Foreign affairs College)

Research on fuzzy learning algorithm robot cooperation model; Qin, Yan (ShaZhou Professional Institute of Technology); Wang, Ouyang (ShaZhou Professional Institute of Technology); Gong, Minliang (ShaZhou Professional Institute of Technology)

New research on the algorithm of human capital contribution rate based on the new economic growth theory; Wang, Yang (Harbin University of Commerce)

A systematic study on the running cost of intelligent health care service and management specialty based on AHP algorithm; Song, Limei (Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology)

The application and development of artificial intelligence in the era of big data; Jia, Shuwei (Yunnan Medical Health College)

Application of BIM-5D technology in dynamic management of project; Hou, MengKe (Yunnan College of Business Management)

Research on the construction of computer network security defense model; Duan, Ruibo (Yunnan College of foreign affairs and foreign languages)

Modelling and Solving a Mathematical model to Optimize the Production Allocation of Ampol; Zhu, Yixin (Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics)

Evaluation of Government’s Economic Governance Capacity on Account of Big Data Technology; Zhao, Hang  (Chengdu Polytechnica)

Foreign operations of companies in the light  of the risk phenomenon; Byczkowska, Magdalena (Jacob Paradyza Academy in Gorzowie Wielkopolski)

Simulation of Machine-Assisted Translation Model Based on Python Data Analysis; Jiang, Shaohua (Fujian University of Technology); CHEN, Zheng (Concord University College, Fujian Normal University)

Research on the application of big data technology in the design of airport operation management sys-tem; Wei, Li (Sanya Aviation and Tourism College)

Design of Computer Model for Raw Material Supplier Selection Based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS Method; Lei, Jiaying (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Research on SOC algorithm of lithium ion battery based on new energy vehicle; Cao, Lucui (Yunnan College of Business Management)

Data mining analysis of new energy vehicles based on cluster analysis technology; Cao, Lucui (Yunnan College of Business Management)

Applied Analysis of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in Data Mining; Zhao, Jidong (ShanDong JiaoTong University)