Nathanael Dadon
EV Meter Ltd., Israel

Title: The main challenges of electric mobility – charging stations and energy management


Nathanael Dadon is a French – Israeli Sales Director in the energy segment. After his business administration and economy studies in France and Israel, he joined the High-Tech industry, especially in the Finance and Energy field. In addition, Nathanael is about 13 years learning psychology and NLP, searching for an understanding of human being and behaviors. Today working for Nayax – EV Meter, a global group, Nathanael is managing the Global Sales in 29 countries from the 72 countries where Nayax is established. The purpose of EV Meter’s solution is to provide a one-stop-shop charging solution for all the CPO, businesses, fleets, and governments. Nathanael is continuously traveling around the world, networking with the main energy and electric-vehicle ecosystem companies and deploying a unique solution in many places. As with other projects, Nathanael is deeply involved in non-profit organizations, and in start-up projects in the food industry. More information:


EV Meter by Nayax is a unique solution for charging station deployment over the world. Evolving as the first one-stop-shop charging solution, with an integrated open payment system by Nayax, EV Meter is the obvious future of charging an electric vehicle. This full set includes the hardware with an embedded payment terminal, the software to manage charging stations (OCPP), and the payment suite, including processing and clearing. As Nayax is a Finance institution, we’ve mixed fintech and energy management to provide an easier way of charging electric vehicles, in a few seconds only. No registration, no complication, only fast payment validation, and an easy EV journey. The presentation will clarify today’s picture of electric vehicle charging station management and deployment, and present one of the most powerful and simple solutions in the market.